Why she shops:

Researchers, in cooperation with Vogue magazine, surveyed more than 5,000 female shoppers and evaluated 134 apparel, accessory and beauty brands to understand the preferences and buying behaviors of women shoppers and the winning characteristics of the brands that they buy.

"Why she shops" study highlights:

The style-conscious woman is spending in 2010. Style-consciousness is a mindset and is not dependent on age or income. Women who consider themselves "stylish" and follow the latest fashions spend three times the American consumer, more disproportionately in luxury. And they look for any reason to shop-even in a slow economy.

Price is not the most important factor in driving brand selection. While still reluctant to pay full price, style-conscious women are focusing on quality and value. They are returning to classic brands that are viewed as durable, timeless and tailored. And winning brands represent all price points.

She represents a significant market opportunity. There is an unmet desire for more classic brands than the style-conscious woman can find today. She spends significantly more than other women online and is an early adopter of mobile technology.