Honor & Sacrifice Series


Seth P. Yancy

About the Author:

Seth P. Yancy is a virtual character. He is a pen name or pseudonym.

Seth Yancy is an ex-military patriot, exceptional computer scientist and distinctive dramatic mystery writer. His novels are written based upon his unique military history and his patriotic passion for the truth, freedom and the American way of life.

Seth Yancy was born in Syracuse, New York on February 27, 1978. His father owned a local repair shop and had spent his life as a mechanic and business owner. His mother worked at a grocery store as an assistant manager. Seth was the second child of five and he had many chores and responsibilities to help out the family as he was growing up. His parents worked hard and taught Seth and his siblings to work hard. Neither of his parent had a college degree, but they insisted that their children get a good education. Since money was tight, after graduating from high school in 1996, Seth joined the Air Force ROTC and the military paid for his education.

While going to college at University of Pittsburgh, Seth met Jessica Sanders and two months after he graduated in 2000 in computer science, the two of them were married. The first few years of marriage were a bit difficult as Seth completed his military service since he had several tours of duty in Afghanistan, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia. When Seth finished his military duty requirements, he took a job with Hewlett Packard as a systems engineer and quickly advanced to a vice president over new product development by 2010. In 2011, he and his family moved to Cornwall, New York where Seth started his own computer consulting business doing most projects remotely from his home. At this same time, Seth began writing about spies, espionage, terrorism and other intriguing subjects.

Contact him at sethyancy@bdrqazz.com.

About the Books:

Books Written – All Part of the Honor & Sacrifice Series:

  • The Third Domain – preparing for publishing

  • Agents of Change – preparing for publishing

  • The Eye of Providence – preparing for publishing

  • Paying the Ransom – preparing for publishing

  • Behind the Mask – preparing for publishing

  • Life and Sacrifice – preparing for publishing

  • Resurrection – preparing for publishing

  • Retribution – preparing for publishing

  • Reckoning – preparing for publishing


The Honor & Sacrifice Series follows the life of Jake Davis who was a child prodigy that everyone wants to exploit. Jake just wants to put his talents to positive uses to help the world be a better place. Unfortunately, some people will not take no for an answer and soon Jake finds himself coerced to help a mad man in his quest for power and money. Jake’s life is never the same as he gets wrapped up in one major disaster after another as he attempts to bring the culprits to justice.