Sergio V. Eristov

Out of Ashes Series

About the Author:

Sergio V. Eristov is a virtual character. He is a pen name or pseudonym.

Sergio Eristov is a very talented and extraordinary individual. He was somewhat of a child prodigy learning several languages before graduating from high school. His skill with words continued as he became an exceptional liaison for a multinational company opening operations throughout the world. Later Sergio put his language skills to work writing novels about religious themes that were close to his own spiritual yearnings.

Sergio V. Eristov was born on October 9, 1972 in Kaunas, Lithuania. His father was a plant manager at Kraft Foods Lietuva and his mother was a designer for the textile industry. His family was very religious and initially Sergio attended the Catholic church. Sergio was one of three children and had an uncanny ability to learn language. In addition to his native Lithuanian, he learned French, Russian, English, and Spanish all before graduating from high school. Due to his language proficiency, he was offered a scholarship to attend Boston University in 1990. Leaving his native Lithuania was a difficult decision for him, but with his parents encouragement he headed for America.

In 1994 he graduated with a degree in Communications and was quickly hired by Cisco Systems located in Miami Florida. Sergio worked for Cisco as an International Liaison helping the company open new markets primarily in Eastern Europe. He met Jennifer Barker in 1997 who was an Advertising Consultant based in Miami. They were married in 1999 and currently have two children. In 2006, Sergio moved to Cape Coral, Florida and stared his own communications consulting business and began writing in his spare time. Sergio was always interested in the eternal nature of mankind and most of his writing center around other realms and the progression of mankind.

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About the Books:

Books Written – All Part of the Out of Ashes Series:

  • Sparks – preparing for publication

  • House of Fire – preparing for publication

  • Cadmus – preparing for publication

  • Ignition – in production

  • Deception – in production

  • Reckoning – in production

  • Illumination – in production


The Out of Ashes Series is a story of a family’s experiences on a journey of everlasting life. They begin by learning of a plan that the Great Organizer Atos has for them. On their First Journey, the family members have no memory of their previous life. It is only their exposure to the Truth, through Guides and Enlighteneers that spread the word, which reminds them of their time on pre-mortal Cadmus. Dealing with death, destruction, and despair on Cadmus, each family member must decide whether or not they will stay loyal to Atos or fall under the control of Thandros. Each of their individual experiences shape the roles that they play on New Cadmus. Readers follow these characters and watch as some of them make it to Illumination and others don’t, choosing lesser blessings and lesser happiness. The family has to learn to stick together and help one another out, but in the end, each person has to choose their own path.