The Enyo Shatterbelt Series


O. Robert Burell

About the Author:

O. Robert Burell is a virtual character. He is a pen name or pseudonym.

Robert Burell is a recognized scientist, highly skilled engineer and incredible science fiction author. Robert’s father was literally a “rocket scientist” and Robert’s education and career have uniquely prepared him to understand the future of space travel and technology. This is evident in his astonishing
portrayal of characters, worlds, creatures, and story lines in thrilling adventures.

Robert Burell was born on May 11, 1977 in Tucson, Arizona. His father was an American engineer, professor, physicist, and inventor who is credited with creating and building one of the world's first liquid-fueled rockets. Robert grew up loving science and rockets. Upon graduation from high school in 1995, he attended California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California. He graduated in 1999 and began working for Boeing in the satellite and space division where he met Emma Christianson, one of Boeings top project managers. Three years later in 2003, the couple were married. Robert soaked up everything he could learn about space travel and in 2009, he resigned from Boeing and became a private space consultant and begin writing science fiction books. He and his wife have two wonderful kids and he loves telling them stories about the future of man and space.

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About the Books:

Books Written – All Part of the Enyo Shatterbelt Series:

  • Shadow of Justice – preparing for publishing

  • Loyalties Divided – preparing for publishing

  • Sacrifice Determines Destiny – preparing for publishing

  • Synthesis Experiment – preparing for publishing

  • Overshadowed by Pride – preparing for publishing

  • The Shatterbelt Redemption – preparing for publishing

  • Overreach – preparing for publishing

  • Purging Abyss – preparing for publishing

  • Zealot’s Fate – preparing for publishing


The Enyo Shatterbelt Series begins with Cade participating in the annual clone games. He a popular and successful student with many friends and high scores in school. Cade is invited to join the Forseti, a league of men dedicated to the strict preservation of justice. But are the Forseti really what they profess to be? A dark force seems to cast a shadow over what they are involved in. Meanwhile, Cade has recurring dreams where he feels drawn to an unknown source in a foreign place that he has not seen before. Soon Cade and his friends find themselves caught between opposing forces without any clear understanding of the right path and he is forced to take sides. Choosing the wrong path can have dire consequences for him, his family and society.