The Crystal Legend Series/The Three Worlds Series


Francis U. Nelson

About the Author:

Francis U. Nelson is a virtual character. She is a pen name or pseudonym.

Francis Nelson is a Georgia peach farmer and exceptional fantasy author. She brings her unique perspective to the world of magic, pirates, mystery and adventure. Her own love for enchantment, wonder, and thrilling quests can be seen in her writings. Francis Nelson was born in rural Georgia on April 4, 1979, the fifth of seven children. Her father was a farmer raising peaches, peanuts, pecans, and berries. Her mother was a high school literature teacher. Francis grew up with lots of family always around and loved to write.

She attended Emory University at the age of 18 and graduated in 2002 in mechanical engineering. She worked for a couple years for Lockheed Martin in Atlanta where she met her future husband James McArthur. They were married in 2004 and had their first child, Wesley, in 2007. Being married and having children greatly changed Francis’ view and priorities and she begin writing while on maternity leave and never stopped. She particularly loves to read and write fantasy novels. Her and her husband currently reside in her home town of Albany, Georgia.

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About the Books:

Books Written – All Part of the Crystal Legend Series and The Three Worlds Series:

  • Shield of Seas – preparing for publication

  • Rifts of Light – preparing for publication

  • Tombs of Pestilence – preparing for publication

  • The Power of Formation – preparing for publication

  • The Chosen Two – preparing for publication

  • Prisoners of Shadow – preparing for publication

  • The Three Worlds – in production

  • Fall of Dawn – a Prequel – in production

  • Seed of Darkness – a Sequel – in production


The Crystal Legend Series takes you on an exciting adventure with Brielle, a character of legend, born to defend humanity against the Devourer. Brielle is strikingly intelligent, and stunningly beautiful. She is full of light, goodness, and happiness. She shows characteristics of optimism, selflessness, honor, and altruism. Her world is quickly marked with upheaval and her life turns out completely different than she had planned, but she is key to saving her people.