Brandy I. Timmons

Children of Kaespars Series

About the Author:

Brandy I. Timmons is a virtual character. She is a pen name or pseudonym.

Brandy Timmons is a Canadian novelist, editor, and professor. Her novels are known supernatural themes. Timmon’s work has been described as having revolutionized the architecture of how supernatural creatures interrelate with humans and integrate into a natural society.

Brandy I. Timmons was born in Manitoba, Canada on October 4, 1985. Her father, John Arthur Timmons, was a dairy farmer, and her mother, Samantha Twinkle was a homemaker and country schoolteacher. Timmons began writing as a teenager, publishing her first story, "The Shadows of Duphin", in 2001. During this period she worked as a farmer, waitress, and a store clerk. Timmons was raised protestant and had wanted to be a minister during her early years. In 2003, she attended the University of Manitoba studying Advanced Linguistics and graduated with a Phd in English in 2010. In 2011, she married fellow student Jonathan Webber who is a mechanical engineer and they live in Dauphin, Canada. In 2005, one of her novels was nominated for the National Book Award. Her third novel in 2007 brought her national attention. The book was a main selection of the Book of the Month Club, the first novel by a Canadian writer to be so chosen.

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About the Books:

Books Written: - All Part of the Children of Kaespars Series

  • Of Rebirths and Vampires – in production

  • Of Battles and Werewolves – in production

  • Of Scientists and Blood Bags – in production

  • Of Brothers and Grimoires – in production

  • Of Descendants and Witches – in production


The books in the Children of Kaespars Series take place in modern times but their history evolves from the early-1300s, in the British Isles, where two brothers were business partners selling holy relics and magical objects. And while many of the objects they sold were initially very legitimate, over time greed led them to be less upstanding, eventually leading them to lie, cheat and steal. They mistakenly steal from a witch and are cursed for eternity. This is a story of vampires and werewolves in everyday society trying to fit in and trying to become normal. They face challenges and must overcome urges and desires that plague their daily existence. It is an exciting tale that is different from any other story you’ve ever read.