The Honor & Sacrifice Series

Patriotism, Drama

The Honor & Sacrifice Series follows the life of Jake Davis who was a child prodigy that everyone wants to exploit. Jake just wants to put his talents to positive uses to help the world be a better place. Unfortunately, some people will not take no for an answer and soon Jake finds himself coerced to help a mad man in his quest for power and money.

The Out of Ashes Series

Fiction, Fantasy, Other Universe

The Out of Ashes Series is a story of a family’s experiences on a journey of everlasting life. They begin by learning of a plan that the Great Organizer Atos has for them. On their First Journey, the family members have no memory of their previous life. It is only their exposure to the Truth, through Guides and Enlighteneers that spread the word, which reminds them of their time on pre-mortal Cadmus.

The Philcadian Chronicles

Dragons, Unicorns, Adventure, Fantasy

In the Philcadian Chronicles, you learn about the two worlds which have merged and crossed over in the past. An evil wizard has been secretly amassing armies on both sides, in preparation for an anticipated merging of worlds. He manipulates a group of unsuspecting heroes to fight a dragon, with the goal of obtaining his long lost research. Asha, an innocent apprentice to the wizard, befriends the dragon.The unsuspecting heroes eventually discover the evil plan, unveil the wizard as the individual behind the chaos, and gather forces to oppose the coming upheaval of worlds.

The Enyo Shatterbelt Series

Science Fiction, Adventure

The Enyo Shatterbelt Series begins with Cade participating in the annual clone games. He a popular and successful student with many friends and high scores in school. Cade is invited to join the Forseti, a league of men dedicated to the strict preservation of justice. But are the Forseti really what they profess to be? A dark force seems to cast a shadow over what they are involved in.

The Virtutales Series

Children's Books, Educational Books

The Virtutales Series are educational books designed for parents to read to their children starting at around 2 years old. The books each come with the music and lyrics and are filled with different educational stimuli. The books were created to help young children learn concepts quickly in a fun and stimulating way.

The World of Shadows Series

Fantasy, Magic, Adventure

The World of Shadows Series follows Rayn, a young boy who has no idea that he is a hero of legend that is sent into the world to hold back the influence of darkness, to stop the Devourer from gaining complete control of humanity.

The Aberrations Series

Science Fiction, Super Powers

The Aberrations Series follows an active high school student, Amelia, who develops some unique talents while participating in her fencing club and being actively involved in various governmental activist events at school. These talents or powers don’t go unnoticed and soon others are trying to vie for her attentions and trying to use her powers for their own nefarious endeavors. Soon many are discovered to possess “powers” and the government and private forces converge to search out any “special” people and discover what they can do.=

The Crystal Legend Series

Fantasy, Adventure, Magic

The Crystal Legend Series takes you on an exciting adventure with Brielle, a character of legend, born to defend humanity against the Devourer. Brielle is strikingly intelligent, and stunningly beautiful. She is full of light, goodness, and happiness. She shows characteristics of optimism, selflessness, honor, and altruism. Her world is quickly marked with upheaval and her life turns out completely different than she had planned, but she is key to saving her people.

The Timeless Series

Science Fiction, Time Travel

In the Timeless Series, we are introduced to Emelia Plater, senior forensics technician for the FBI. The book takes place in the current time and Emelia is in her late 20s. She wears a ring she inherited from her grandmother as a sort of good luck charm. Recently, cases involving some mysterious deaths are brought to her attention. The cases are unusual in their similarities and soon Emelia is caught up in an intriguing battle for the future of the world with various time travelers.

Business Lessons Learned Series

Non-Fiction, Business

The Business Lessons Learned Series is a light hearted way of showing how we can become better business leaders by emulating the things around us from sports superstars, to insects, movies, and richest people in the world. In each book, we examine the key participants of each category and find some business lessons we can learn from them. It is an opportunity to explore some topics of interest while learning how to be better at what you do each day.

Children of the Kaespars Series

Fantasy, Fiction, Vampires, Werewolves

The books in the Children of Kaespars Series take place in modern times but their history evolves from the early-1300s, in the British Isles, where two brothers were business partners selling holy relics and magical objects. And while many of the objects they sold were initially very legitimate, over time greed led them to be less upstanding, eventually leading them to lie, cheat and steal. They mistakenly steal from a witch and are cursed for eternity.