Book Development Resources

Book Development Resources (BDR) is one of the leading English-language book developers. Headquartered in Salt Lake Valley in Utah, the company is a subsidiary of Qazztek, LLC. BDR is privately held and retains a high level of confidentiality and privacy regarding its authors and published materials. Often its publications are anonymously written and published under pseudonyms (like Mark Twain was for Samuel Clemens). BDR’s mission is to help aspiring authors to learn and to demonstrate the skills needed to successfully write fascinating works of literature to enlighten the mind and provide endless hours of entertainment. BDR is a broad-based developer and publisher with strengths in literary and commercial fiction, business books, children's books, cookbooks, mystery, romance, reference, religious and spiritual books. BDR has great opportunities for creative writers. For more information about BDR, please send an email to