Bankruptcy & Receivership

Bankruptcy & Receivership

In certain situations where a company is in default of its loan obligations, lenders, creditors, or investors may consider seeking the appointment of a receiver to safeguard their interests. Qazztek has substantial expertise as a court appointed receiver to oversee the interests of all stakeholders and to maximize the value of an estate to its constituents. As a receiver, Qazztek acts on behalf of lenders, creditors and investors under the specific direction of the court and typically, takes control of all of the company's property with the authority to liquidate assets and wind‐down business affairs. Qazztek has assisted owners and lenders in maximizing their recovery in many industries. Our team has the experience to manage a company or real estate entity's affairs and can liquidate the assets of a business or turn a short term crisis into long term viability. Our objective is to complete a transaction expeditiously, while simultaneously maximizing the value of an estate to the benefit of all stakeholders

Bankruptcy Optimization

Qazztek professionals can work with the creditors, lenders and investor to maximize the value of a troubled company for all its stakeholders. Qazztek can take the role of Trustee, Receiver, or can represent any investor or creditor committee.

Conflict Resolution

Qazztek can act as a Receiver of a company's assets while resolving disputes among disparate investors or stakeholders. Qazztek will ensure that the assets of the organization is kept safe and secure while the value of the company is maximized

Asset Safety

Concerned that the assets of your company are slipping away and value is being eroded? As a court appointed Receiver, or as a consultant, Qazztek can assist in providing security for all the company's physical and information assets